We are open for partnering

We believe customer utilization of our AHR profiling technology will happen in three different forms:

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We plan to engage in biomarker programs with biopharmaceutical companies and translational research centers. Customers can access our technology by utilizing our AHR profiling service lab capabilities. We expect to serve these customers in preclinical as well as translational biomarker programs utilizing our technology. We further expect some of these programs show substantial benefits to advance to clinical stage programs that will require analysis of cohort tumor expression data, leading to distinct assays for use in clinical trials, ultimately providing a basis for novel lab-developed tests and companion diagnostics.

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Our AHR profiling technology is tailored to discover, develop, seek regulatory approval for and commercialize CDx assays for biopharmaceutical drug candidates and corresponding therapeutics. We plan to enter into collaborative development agreements directly with biopharmaceutical companies. Also, we are actively seeking partnerships with established service providers who wish to add our AHR-technology offerings to their portfolio.

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We plan to develop companion diagnostics resulting from our biopharmaceutical collaborations and from our collaborations with cancer centers and public/governmental cancer organizations (DKFZ, Nationales Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen NCT, Heidelberg).

Pharmaceutical development pipeline